Finishing Boards:

Lotus Timber Ou has been the official representative of our company in Latvia since 2015. In cooperation with Lotus Timber Ou, we sell finishing boards at factory prices. We offer a wide range of standard profiles, as well as we can implement individual orders for the volumes over 30 m3. At the place of trade in Priekuli, Cesis district, it is possible to buy finishing boards also at retail.

We deliver timber throughout Latvia.

We offer:

  • Finishing boards of standard size for interior and external finishing;
  • Smooth and finely sawn finishing boards;
  • Industrially paint painted finishing boards for faster assembly and longer working life;
  • Painting with a longevity of up to 10 years;
  • Toned or painted boards in tone or color upon the client’s request;
  • Boards with our profiles or profiles manufactured by the client.

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Business hours:

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