Fireproof Timber Treatment:

Wood and its products impregnated with DRICON fire retardant can be used in various situations without limitation.

Reaction to fire class
All DRICON treated products are CE certified to EU standards and manufactured under strict supervision.
Certification is appropriate for:

  • LVS EN 14915: 2014 “Solid wood paneling and cladding materials. Characteristics, evaluation of conformity and marking. "
  • LVS EN 13986: 2004. Wood - based panels for construction purposes - Properties, conformity assessment and marking.
  • Product specification according to certification results: Fir boards, lumber and planed beams Thickness 12-75mm Bulk 357-600kg / m3 Reaction to fire class - B-s1, d0
  • 120/5000 Pine boards, lumber and planed beams. Thickness 12-100mm Bulk density 417-755kg / m3 Fire reaction class - B-s2, d0
  • Larch boards, sawn timber and planed beams Thickness 18-65mm Bulk density 616-867 kg / m3 Fire reaction class –B-s2, d
  • Birch plywood plywood (EXT) Thickness 12-25mm Bulk density 613-713 kg / m3 Fire reaction class –B-s1, d0

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