Wooden Facades:

We carry out a quick and professional installation of wooden facades in accordance with the wishes of the client, and find the most appropriate solutions technically and visually for the facility. We use only sound timber from fir and pine trees for the facades of the buildings. The timber is processed to ensure the longevity and implementation of the facade color or the tonal decision that is required by the client.

We offer:

  • Works on dismantling of old wooden facades;
  • Installation and dismantling of scaffolds;
  • Industrially painted facade boards with fastenings, the installation process of which is faster and more cost-efficient, and also has a greater aesthetic appeal;
  • Facade boards painted with glaze or covered with an overlapping color of any tone;
  • Facade boards of various profiles with finely sawn or planed surfaces
  • Impregnated boards for protection of the facade from mold, bluestain and fungi;
  • All kinds of facade installation works are carried out by qualified specialists
  • Insulation and painting of wooden facades;

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Business hours:

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