Impregnation of timber:

We offer impregnation in high pressure autoclaves, where wood impregnation with antiseptics is provided in a certain mode.

  • TANALITH, green impregnant: The products are intended for industrial applications using high pressure treatment processes that press the wood preservative deep into the wood structure. The TANALITH family offers product variations with different colors and water repellency according to the requirements of the particular market. Timber treated with TANALITH can be used for all application classes.
  • Tanatone - Brown Impregnant: Contains Tanalith E antiseptic colorant which gives the wood a brown color after treatment, preserving all the protective properties of the wood obtained during the impregnation process.
  • Vacsol Aqua, Colorless wood preservative for interior use with the option of further painting and treatment. Vacsol Aqua wood preservatives are designed for industrial applications using a proven low pressure, dual vacuum treatment process that provides a protective coating to the wood components. Only a small amount of protective agent is absorbed during this process, so the size of the timber after treatment is minimal.

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