Construction Material:

C24 timber is machined and visually sorted by strength. Grading is carried out by checking the strength of the lumber over its entire length by determining the modulus of elasticity at the weakest cross-section. In timber frame houses, structural timber is used, which is divided into strength classes C30, C24, C18, C16 and C14 according to LVS EN 338, where the index after the letter C indicates strength. The higher the number, the higher the strength of the material. C is the designation of conifers. The most common material used in construction is C24, which is suitable for all types of load-bearing structures, vertical and horizontal loads.

  • We offer to buy structural material impregnated with Tanalyth E3475
  • Possible impregnation class H2; H3; H4 green or brown color NTR AB, Scandinavian impregnation standards

In our warehouse mainly materials with the following cross-sections are available:

  • 45 * 45 not graded by C24
  • 45*70 fir-tree/pine
  • 45*95 fir-tree/pine
  • 45*120 fir-tree/pine
  • 45*145 fir-tree/pine
  • 45*170 fir-tree/pine
  • 45*195 fir-tree/pine
  • 45*220 fir-tree/pine
  • 45*245 fir-tree/pine
  • 70*95 on demand fir-tree/pine
  • 70*120 on demand fir-tree/pine
  • 70*145 on demand fir-tree/pine

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