Terrace Boards:

Pine terrace boards are mostly impregnated according to class H3 in green or brown. Impregnation gives the boards a maximum lifetime of 20 years or more. Impregnated boards, when completely dry (1-6 months depending on the time of year), can be painted with tinted oils or paints, giving them a pleasing look when the green or brown color is unsatisfactory.

Spruce boards are less frequently impregnated. This is due to the fact that the fir wood cell closes after drying and it is not possible to impregnate the wood even under pressure.

Larch terrace boards are highly resinous, providing natural protection, so they do not need to be impregnated. We offer industrial tinting with tinted oils to give them a visual look. Untreated boards tend to absorb various types of dirt, for example, stepping on it with dirty shoes may leave imprints that will be difficult to clean. Oil impregnated boards will be easier to maintain.

Timber delivery is possible throughout the territory of Latvia.

The most common sizes of patio boards :.

  • 28*95mm 3-6m larch wood and pine wood
  • 28*120mm 3-6m larch wood and pine wood
  • 28*145mm 3-6m larch wood and pine wood

We offer:

  • Terrace boards made of larch wood and pine wood;
  • Fast execution of the orders, as we produce terrace boards without intermediaries;
  • Different profiles of the terrace boards also according to the client drawings;
  • Impregnation under high pressure that is ensuring the longevity of the terrace

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